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We built a Portfolio Insight Engine (PIE) platform at a bank to create insights and improve workflow


The previous IT solutions did not fit the business needs with regards to monitoring and reporting. They lacked basic workflow/trigger functionality and were not future-proof. This resulted in many challenges and limitations.


We built a central application to monitor a deal’s status and the overall portfolio performance using a multi-phase agile approach. This new application was called PIE (Portfolio Insight Engine). PIE is built using 2 platforms; Mendix for collection, enrichment and structuring of data and PowerBI for reporting and dashboarding purposes.


The in-built warnings resulted in a clear and consistent insight into the risks of a deal. The improved workflow functionalities ensure that everyone can proactively manage their portfolios in a time-efficient manner. As a result of the project, the client now has two fully integrated BI dashboards: one on the client and one on the portfolio level.

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