Value is added on a daily basis by growing numbers of digital employees after RPA implementation


Our client, a large energy network operator, has a great interest in automating repetitive manual tasks in processes, in order to improve efficiency and focus on the key tasks again. Especially the business units that deal with the daily operations experience an enormous workload with the administrative tasks of the processes. For the effective implementation of RPA they asked us to support in the setup of an internal capability answering questions about how to govern the initiatives and implement effective processes to run an RPA variability, how to deal with topics such as privacy and security, employee adoption, training, quality control etc.


The client’s needs indicated a pragmatic approach and the importance of strong collaboration, something that is directly in line with our way of working. The focus was to bring together the right knowledge and to quickly introduce the organisation to the benefits of RPA, in order to build on the successes already achieved.


A satisfied client where not only an RPA capability has been set up which forms a strong basis for the future, but where value is already being added on a daily basis by the ever-growing number of digital employees. These digital employees not only save many hours of manual work but have already significantly increased the satisfaction of the employees involved. After all, they can now focus more on their core tasks.

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