We helped an engineering conglomerate create insights for and reduce the backlog by 50%


There is little insight into the size of the backlog and the available capacity of the company. Valcon was asked to create an overview of the backlogs and most important key figures to eliminate the current backlogs in a pragmatic way together with the team and to determine responsibilities and implement process improvements.


Valcon created insights into the backlogs and most important key figures. Operational steering is done through various means (operational dashboard, daily work start, daily task division, priority lists, etc.). To be able to implement operational steering, workshops, evaluation sessions and communication is set in place.


As a result of the project, backlogs were scheduled for 100% certification risk and the total backlog was reduced by 50%. Planners can plan the backlog in a more structured way. There are insights into the work in progress and weekly targets are set to plan for this, and as a result of the insight, part of the backlog is outsourced. The process agreements have been made in cooperation with departments based on issues.

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