We helped a public transport operator improve the timeliness and productivity of its operations workshops significantly


In 2016, the client’s operations were challenged by an increased number of errors on its locomotives which resulted in low timeliness. Therefore, with support from Valcon, the client carried out a shop floor management implementation at one of its locomotive workshops in 2016-17. The purpose of the implementation was to ensure a significantly improved performance based on new management behaviour, a strengthened management system and improved maintenance processes in a safe environment.


In collaboration with management, Valcon optimised maintenance processes, strengthened management structure and upgraded management’s competencies within lean management. By implementing lean tools, the client has ensured a better overview of tasks, better planning of manpower and a better flow through the workshops. At the same time, the implementation of standard work on both large and small inspections has led to productivity improvements of 20-30% with a positive impact on delivery and quality.


The project resulted in the implementation of a comprehensive management system at the locomotive workshop that increased productivity and ensured error correction and timely delivery of locomotives for operation.

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