We helped a financial client shift from a rule-based to a risk-based approach, improving throughput times and customer and employee satisfaction


Due to a rule-based approach, a Dutch financial services provider performed a full risk assessment on its customers by default. This approach triggered customer and employee dissatisfaction (because of excessive client outreach and risk reviews) and long throughput times (due to overprocessing). 


We designed and enforced an optimized risk-based approach to assess only relevant risks. We delivered the set-up and tooling to identify risks during onboarding and detect events that may affect a client’s risk classification. Finally, we helped the company change its organizational culture to fit its new risk-based approach.


Optimized client outreaches enhanced customer satisfaction, while employee engagement improved as people felt their work was relevant. Last but not least, our client was able to lower its throughput times due to a focused risk assessment.

Case Studies