How Valcon’s development team enabled Luxs to become a PropTech industry leader


Luxs is a proptech software solution intended for real estate organisations in the Netherlands, providing digitalisation of all real estate converted into data. Primarily, Luxs offers proptech platform solutions to companies in the social housing industry. This means that they must keep track of tens of thousands of apartments. The client companies provide Luxs with 2D plans, whose team then digitises and transforms them into 3D, while gathering data and insights about each unit.

Luxs approached us looking for someone to help them work with their real estate’s data. After their team of architects transforms the 2D plans into 3D, there are multiple ways to visualise the data gathered. Since other companies in this industry also present these data sets to their clients, Luxs wanted to gain a competitive edge. The way to do this is to ensure that the insights they provide stand out and are tailor-made according to the client’s needs.


At first, Valcon had one full-stack developer working on the project. However, as Luxs grew, so did their requirements, and three back-end and one front-end developer joined the team. At this time, there is a total of five Valcon developers partnered with Luxs, working on both ends as well as providing software support.

Technologies used:

  • Scala
  • Play Framework
  • Kafka
  • Akka
  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • AVS

Luxs’ PM keeps in contact with the client and relays the information to Valcon’s team, who can then use it to create the necessary insights and visualizations while also maintaining the app’s architecture and reliability. Work on this project involves implementing new components and processes due to Luxs’ rapid growth. There are some aspects that are static, but most are custom-made for each of Luxs’ clients, with some also requiring third-party integrations via APIs (e.g., energy consumption).


In the beginning, Luxs was a startup – an app hosted on one server with a smaller load. But it grew significantly over the years and required constant changes and upgrades to the architecture, as well as a migration to the cloud.

Being able to provide its clients with unique, tailor-made solutions allowed Luxs to stand out from the competition and position itself as an industry leader. On top of that, they now pride themselves on their speed of work since the adjustment period for a new feature is significantly shorter in comparison to their competitors. It was no surprise that Luxs grew from two to twenty employees during our work together!

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