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Valcon helped The Danish Ministry of Defence optimise their procurement processes


To get the most out of the budgets for the operative forces, The Danish Ministry of Defence initiated development of their strategic procurement, including process development and competence development.


As a development partner for The Danish Ministry of Defence, Valcon handled all tasks from designing the strategic procurement with related management models, competence development, direct leadership as the section manager in strategic procurement and employment of +20 category managers or legal consultants. In addition, Valcon executed a number of demonstration projects for the purpose of clarifying the effect of strategic procurement. An example of a major procurement project includes the transformation of The Danish Ministry of Defence’s fleet of vehicles. Valcon was responsible for the project and helped set up a contractual basis for DKK +2 billion and establish management models for future efficiency improvements as well as call for tenders on the collective transport service for national and international operations.


The project helped The Danish Ministry of Defence establish efficient management models and processes for current and future procurement projects.

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