How Valcon helped FintechOS modernise their existing platform


FintechOS is an innovation acceleration technology that enables fast, plug & play, comprehensive digital transformation with highly competitive operating costs. 

Finding a team of experts on today’s market proved to be very challenging. This is why FintechOS approached Valcon, as they wanted to refactor and modernise their existing code using the newest technologies. FintechOS has been growing very fast, so the customer demands were increasing exponentially. This formed a need for a modern and scalable product. 


Valcon’s team of senior backend developers worked on updating the current solution, adhering to the best development practices. The entire project team comprised five senior .NET developers, with a team lead as the sixth member.

Technologies used: .NET, Azure Service Bus, gRPC, MediatR, Github, Docker


As a result of this project, the FintechOS high-level management set certain milestones that couldn’t have been completed without the work that has been done by the Valcon team.

Having a team of experts allowed FintechOS to continue working on the existing solution while exploring the ability to tweak and modernise it.

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