How Valcon helped Dokteronline breathe life into their eHealth platform


Dokteronline is a website created by eHealth Ventures Group (EHVG), which was founded in 2004. On this platform, end users can select medical conditions to receive advice and order specific products via the checkout system.

Dokteronline aimed to build a solid platform to provide a detailed questionnaire collection with answers and health advice in specific health standards. With the completed medical questionnaire, a doctor can successfully assess which medications should be prescribed to their patient. Dokteronline intended to improve the checkout on the website so that the product they developed could be integrated in parallel with the patient checkout system.


The Valcon team had an initial discovery process of 4-5 weeks where all the challenges were discussed and evaluated.

At the beginning of the development, the Valcon team updated the work backlog and user stories by adding new features. With the help of Valcon, the platform has been developed from a simple question-by-question questionnaire to a variety of question formats, such as single-choice, multiple-choice, polar, numeric, date, file upload, short/long text, flagging, sub-questions, etc.

Valcon developed a solution that will be activated upon implementation in the client-side checkout system. 

Technologies used for the application: PHP 8+; MySQL 8+;  Symfony Framework 6; OpenAPI specification for the API endpoint contract; nijens/openapi-bundle;  a Symfony Framework bundle that handles routing and validation of requests based on the loaded OpenAPI specification; PHP-FPM; VueJS; Auth0 for machine-to-machine and user authentication and authorisation.

Technologies used for infrastructure: AWS cloud-hosted; NGINX web server; Deployed in a Kubernetes cluster via Helm; AWS S3 for uploading files.


Dokteronline relied on Valcon’s expertise to expand and improve its eHealth platform. The communication and collaboration on both sides were excellent and resulted in a modern software solution following the trends in digital healthcare. 

The Valcon team looks forward to continuing this strong partnership and growing further together in the future!

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