We helped a major European airline reduce costs and improve operational robustness through shop floor management​


The airline had initiated a process optimisation programme across its major technical hubs in three key cities, aiming to standardise operations and enhance maintenance productivity. Through an in-depth analysis of work processes, the organisation gained valuable insights into reducing variance in flight execution by obtaining a robust and productive maintenance production. Valcon’s Toyota-trained lean coaches coached lean leadership behaviours and mindset on a technical basis and assisted with the implementation of lean tools such as visual management, standard calendar, manpower planning and standard work. 


The technical division has seen a productivity increase of 25%, which contributes with an annual SEK +50 million to the ongoing cost reduction programme through improved work procedures, management structures and task management of maintenance tasks. Notably, the program led to a 25% decrease in unplanned operational downtime, a 50% reduction in repair time, and a 40% decrease in time allocated for scheduled maintenance tasks. The internal team was left capable of managing similar initiatives independently and has started applying the learned methodologies to other functional areas.​


The net impact amounted to significant annual cost savings due to process standardisation and targeted activities aimed at enhancing productivity.​

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