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Upgrading outdated technology systems for improved user experience


Our client, one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, prides itself on fresh and fast deliveries with a large collection of groceries at affordable prices.  The company also owns a subsidiary, which has restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia and the United States.

The subsidiary business needed to design and build intuitive user experiences, which would be accessible across all locations and devices, with full tracking and support for supply chains, inventories, recipes and nutritional profiles. This would involve a full system upgrade of the existing technology infrastructure to support these improvements.


Valcon sent a product and engineering strike team to the stakeholders to collect the information needed to execute the project. This included gathering essential contextual information on why this product needed to be built, the long-term goals for this service and the strategy needed to achieve these goals.

Once this knowledge transfer was complete, Valcon assembled a customised team of experts to address the task at hand. The team consisted of a product team lead, UI/UX designer, data analyst, quality engineer and multiple developers.

The team then agreed a process with the client, which included the rapid delivery of each new feature as soon as it was built. This delivery happened on a weekly basis to facilitate immediate updates and new iterations based on feedback from all stakeholders involved.


  • Device-agnostic solution: Valcon built a high performing, multi-modal application running on iPads, Android tablets and various desktop browsers, which included industry-standard authentication support needed for a big enterprise.
  • Seamless integration: Valcon provided custom solutions for the existing infrastructure providers to facilitate rapid deployment as well as easy ongoing maintenance of the application and its data systems.
  • User-centred experiences: with smooth animations and extreme attention to detail, the supermarket chain was happy to discover that even large-scale systems with complicated logic and data requirements can be a positive user experience for both the business users and customers.

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