Link Asset

How a highly-skilled Valcon team helped Link Asset Services


Link Asset Services is an internationally operating company, part of Link Group’s Asset Services division, and works in partnership internationally with almost 7,000 clients. 

After acquiring FlexFront Group, Link Asset Services wanted to expand the existing FlexFront Mortgage mid-office platform. The goal was to provide a stable baseline, integrating with various 3rd party platforms for mortgage documents processing e.g. Leveris, Ockto, DaVinci Close Suite.

To achieve this in a short time, they were in need of a high-skilled and experienced software development team able to guide them on this journey.


Typla, already a partner of Link Asset Services, teamed up with Valcon for the implementation of the architectural solution envisioned by Typla and Link Asset Services. A multidisciplinary agile team consisting of DevOps, software engineers and QA engineers was responsible for delivering a platform for handling various mortgage mid-office requirements. Typla fulfilled the product owner role as well as the scrum master role, directing the team and assigning tasks. 

Valcon dedicated the team of DevOps engineers that worked on creating the infrastructure required in the AWS, using modern principles such as CI/CD and IaC. Five Java software engineers were responsible for designing and implementing microservices using Java 11 and Spring Boot 2. Four AngularJS developers implemented rich mid-office web applications.

Also, the mobile team built and helped launch the Android and iOS applications.


The team successfully delivered the end-solution for Typla meeting an important delivery deadline for the first phase of the project.

This enabled Link Asset Services to expand the acquired FlexFront Group mid-office platform, labeling it as Link Mid Office for other markets.

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