We designed and implemented a detailed Target Operating Model for a Dutch bank, to help split its mortgage advice from its acceptance process


Due to enhanced regulatory scrutiny, combined with the continuous drive to improve processes for customers and employees, a Dutch bank has decided to change their operating model to service their mortgage customers. More specific, the decision has been made to carve out its mortgage acceptance process from its mortgage advice practice. 


To map and comprehend the as-is situation and the impact of the carve out, we involved stakeholders from various departments and took a deep dive into the end-to-end process of the bank. During this exercise, we also identified several inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Given these insights, we created multiple variants of a target process and organizational design and weighed the pros and cons together with involved stakeholders to come to a widely supported decision.  We then defined a phased transition plan to manage a smooth implementation, keeping in mind all interdependencies, the impact on IT and customer/employee values.


Our to-be operating model design realizes a comprehensive split between mortgage advise and acceptance and included IT architecture, a to-be organization design, an impact analysis (qualitative and quantitative), and a set-up of an implementation roadmap. Clients have successfully followed the bank’s new end-to-end process, which lead to increased quality and employee engagement, whilst facing no impact on their experience.

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