SweetPay needed state-of-the-art cloud solutions


SweetPay is part of Financial Tech Sweden since 2016 and on a mission to enable a next-gen platform for fair payments. 

SweetPay is a fast-growing business and wants to expand across different countries and continents. Their main challenge to do so was to improve business and technical processes in a sustainable manner. Important factors in this challenge were the compliance and security regulations across different continents. From the IT perspective, this meant high-availability, new approaches, and state-of-the-art cloud solutions. With this plan being made, SweetPay concluded they had the knowledge nor the experience to develop such solutions.


To execute this plan, SweetPay decided to partner up with Valcon. Having a strong team of senior developers (Java, React, AWS) and experienced DevOps professionals was a necessity. Valcon was able to design such a custom-tailored team of professionals, consisting of a Senior DevOps Professional and multiple Senior Java Engineers, quickly and the project was ready to get started.

Together with Valcon, SweetPay decided to follow the path of DevOps and to fully integrate AWS as a cloud provider in the IT infrastructure. The new approach meant more agility with SCRUM as the underlying methodology. SCRUM approach led to regular feedback through sprint reviews directly from stakeholders, including customers, and enabled course corrections early, which is less costly and time-consuming than later in the process.

JIRA was selected as the main project management software and has been adjusted appropriately with dashboards, integration with Bitbucket, and custom workflows that were loosely based on the Gitflow methodology. This led to a smoother overall workflow and has improved tracking and auditing within the IT department.


As a result of well established inter- and intra-company teamwork and high-availability, replication, multi-region setups, and low-cost pay-as-you-go solutions become a norm.

  • List
  • Lower costs
  • Improved speed and reliability
  • Less technical issues
  • More focus on improvements

By utilising the latest Spring boot (Java) offerings and AWS solutions like RDS, EC2 and Lambda speed and reliability of development and the software in production significantly improved. Having Elastic Cloud for logging and Prometheus for monitoring meant that both Valcon and SweetPay teams were in full control of the operations, resulting in fewer issues and more focus on improvements. A happier team leads to a better product!

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