Supporting the growth journey of the Port of Roenne


In the Baltic Sea, off the south coast of Sweden, lies the Danish island of Bornholm. The island populates almost 40,000 residents, and aside from one airport, the main means of transportation to and from the island is by sea. The Port of Roenne is the largest harbour on the island and plays a crucial role in goods and ferry traffic to and from Bornholm. The port is thus the island’s most important lifeline to the mainland and an enabler for the sustainability and growth of the local community.

The Port of Roenne’s raison d’être is to continuously support the community and create commercial opportunities where feasible. This purpose has been conceptualised by the management into three distinct objectives, namely:

  1. To become a new and improved supply base
  2. To be a growth engine for the island of Bornholm
  3. To be the centre for green/renewable energy in the Baltic Sea

To enable these objectives, the Port of Roenne has departed on an ambitious growth journey. However, the port’s growth potential is subject to natural constraints with limited opportunity to further increase its land area, which is the most critical revenue-generating capacity that all of its business areas depend on. Further adding complexity to the situation, the objectives were not yet clearly transformed into specific measures and targets for each business unit. This made it difficult to evaluate how each objective is being supported by the individual business area and how to prioritise investments and the land area between business areas to ensure the highest value yield for the local community.


Valcon partnered with the Port of Roenne to address this situation with a twofold objective: to support the Port of Roenne in refining its growth journey through co-creation with the management team and strengthening the cross-business area capacity utilisation to support the successful delivery according to the purpose and journey.

To achieve this, a critical element in our delivery was to detail and simulate the strategic solution space for the port going forward across all business areas – Ferry, Offshore, Cruise and Bulk – and to enable the selection of the strongest combination in accordance with known requirements and prerequisite fit. This included a simulation of solution feasibility and capacity utilisation, identification of potential bottlenecks resulting in potential breaches of contracts and more.

Once the future path had been articulated and chosen by the management team, we co-designed and implemented a tailored governance setup to ensure progression on critical strategy milestones as well as capacity utilisation and prioritisation across all business areas.


Through close cooperation, integrated manoeuvre and mobilised management thereof, the Port of Roenne has established an operational and prioritised strategic foundation to maximise capacity utilisation without compromising the pursuit of its strategic objectives.

The defined strategy outlines concrete steps going forward and prioritises capacity between business areas managed by the port management. Now, the Port of Roenne can proceed with its growth journey and achieve its objectives to improve its supply base, grow the local community and contribute to the plans for green/renewable energy in the Baltic Sea.


If you’re interested in learning more about our work at the Port of Roenne or have a similar project involving capacity utilisation and resource prioritisation, feel free to reach out to our experts:

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