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We started an RPA capability at an animal feed company


The finance department of the animal feed company initiated a start with RPA but ran into complications. This is where our company was asked for help. Several processes within the company needed to be automated. In these processes, the actions are often repetitive and time-consuming, for which RPA can offer a good solution.


Valcon was asked to start an internal RPA capability. A new RPA infrastructure to be seamlessly connected to the current IT infrastructure. Back-office processes are automated as pilots, as part of development and training. To facilitate the development of future RPA robots, a customized governance framework is established.


The first five robots in production saved 2.4 FTE and provided qualitative benefits. The setup for infrastructure, governance and internal training provided qualitative benefits for follow-up projects. The internal staff can now perform each phase of the RPA Lifecycle independently, which means that new robots can now be developed systematically.

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