Solease was struggling to find the right IT staff


Solease is on a mission to make the threshold for solar energy as low as possible for anyone.

With their mission to grow, Solease also ran into the struggle of finding experienced and talented IT staff. When looking at the Dutch job market, finding a generic and experienced all-round developer is not only difficult but it’s also extremely expensive.

Salaries of IT staff are growing through the roof and as a smaller non-corporate company it is getting more difficult to find qualified IT staff. Solease was looking for a motivated junior or medior developer, but was struggling to find the right fit.


Solease was introduced to Valcon in their search for IT staff. Together they looked into the needs of Solease and connected well. Solease felt understood and soon the application procedures started.

Solease interviewed quite some candidates and found their perfect match. They were in need of a medior developer with a lot of general knowledge, that could later on also dive deeper into specific topics, and they found him!


Solease started with one developer and soon after added the second one to their team. Our developers genuinely feel part of the team, and working together remotely is going extremely well. Solease feels unburdened since Valcon handles a significant portion of the work in management, coaching and training. Furthermore, Solease has been able to control high costs on salaries while having highly motivated and well-educated IT professionals.

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