Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis was in need for more DevOps engineers


Schuberg Philis is a Dutch IT business partner who specialises in developing mission-critical applications in environments that are considered essential for their clients’ business. 

As one of the biggest players in the industry, Schuberg Philis is already trusted by many clients. And that number keeps growing. In fact, the number of clients was increasing so much that Schuberg Philis needed to expand. But the Dutch market for high-skilled and experienced DevOps engineers is unfortunately limited. Finding the right people to work on Schuberg Philis’ high-level projects and meet their clients’ demands proved quite the challenge.

Moreover, many clients of Schuberg Philis also require their data to stay in Europe and therefore Valcon was the perfect solution.


At the very beginning of the collaboration, the Schuberg Philis team went to the Valcon office in Croatia to meet. In the summer of 2019, Schuberg Philis started their nearshoring trial with their first Valcon engineer, and they have been extending their own team with our engineers every couple of months.

Every of our team members has been interviewed by Schuberg Philis’ team as if they were joining the Schuberg Philis company. Both teams work closely together in a hybrid form of in-house and nearshoring. It is important for Schuberg Philis to be able to scale up or down whenever needed, and with Valcon they are now able to do so.


With the expansion of the team through the nearshoring solution of Valcon, the issue of finding skilled developers has been solved.

Since the start of the collaboration, Schuberg Philis has had a high-quality team of  Valcon developers running.  Now, they are working with them on several projects for, among other projects, PostNL, Heineken and Leaseplan.

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