We helped a private equity fund perform an initial review and validation of the target investment opportunity in terms of both the quality of the asset and the operational improvement potential


The US-based private equity fund engaged Valcon to scrutinise various operational aspects, including product management and R&D, sourcing, manufacturing and maintenance, supply chain production control as well as quality and logistics.


Our engagement commenced with meetings with the client’s management team, revealing commendable quality management and ambitious yet realistic plans. Collaborating closely with the management team, Valcon comprehensively reviewed all designated areas, conducted a maturity assessment and discerned capabilities, risks and opportunities. This thorough analysis empowered the private equity fund to submit an accurate offer while taking upsides, risks, capex, and capabilities into consideration


The project not only facilitated the private equity fund in aligning with its investment case but also provided invaluable operational insights. By maintaining a sharp focus on EBITDA-related drivers for value creation, the project contributed significantly to the fund’s ability to make informed decisions and optimise value creation.

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