We helped a large Danish fitness chain secure a successful takeover and merger integration of a Swiss-based fitness chain


A major Danish fitness chain aimed to penetrate the lucrative Swiss fitness market through the acquisition and integration of a well-established Swiss-based fitness chain. The integration strategy emphasised independent operation with a significant level of local autonomy and arm’s length leadership.


In facilitating the takeover and integration, Valcon strategically employed tailored tools from the post-merger toolbox. This approach aimed to ensure transparency, minimize day 1 risks and develop a robust integration plan that would guarantee business continuity. The key components of the strategy included a readiness check, communication plan, stakeholder map, day 1 support and integration plans for the future. The meticulous execution of these measures resulted in a seamless Day 1, free from any business interruptions, fostering a strong and lasting commitment and spirit among key stakeholders in both organisations.


The project successfully enabled our client to integrate the Swiss-based fitness chain. The integration was marked by a smooth transition, fortified with robust local business anchoring, paving the way for continued business growth.

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