Recovering the PMO Programme for a leading UK Healthcare Provider


Our client was one of the UK’s leading providers of ‘out of hospital’ healthcare. They were running an organisation-wide programme to replace its existing systems and processes that managed warehouse capability, logistics, finance and customer services, with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. The programme was strategically important to the company, but it was running behind schedule.

The lack of scope and engagement with the business, coupled with timelines and budgets that weren’t being adhered to, meant there was a serious risk of the programme being pulled. Non-existent programme governance meant there was no way to anticipate problems and the business had zero confidence in any programme stats updates. There was no formal baseline plan in place, that had been agreed by all stakeholders, which meant that although work was taking place, it was in an uncoordinated manner, leading to confusion and delay.


Valcon started by conducting a programme maturity assessment review, analysing the governance and the function of the programme management office (PMO). A detailed report was provided with a clear recovery action plan, including a ten day, 30 day and 60 day plan to put immediate, mid and longer term recovery solutions in place.

Valcon then set up a PMO team to deliver the recovery plans and provide a PMO managed service for the rest of the programme. As the programme got back on track, the healthcare business realised it needed more support to deliver the system. Valcon provided a team skilled in programme delivery, delivery management, planning, business readiness and business analysis expertise to ensure successful delivery of the planned releases.

Valcon also designed the post programme agile programme methodology, to support the continuous delivery that needed to be in place post programme, to ensure the platform would deliver maximum value for the client.


Valcon rescued the programme from the risk of being pulled and managed to get the programme back on track. The recovery plan was delivered to time, cost and to the expected quality standard by a new PMO team.

Valcon delivered workstream leadership and control across multiple streams of activity providing support, guidance and control in turning recovering underperforming areas of the programme.

Valcon built confidence amongst the management team and other stakeholders that the programme was being delivered effectively, to deadline and within budget.

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