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PFA Pension realised a 15% efficiency improvement in their IT department by optimising cross-functional development processes


PFA announced an ambitious 2020 strategy, which, among other things, required significantly more IT development activities and that the IT department had to double their efficiency percentage. The set target required a radical efficiency improvement of the cross-functional development process, and it was equally necessary to soften the organisational silos and strengthen the cooperation across the organisation.


Valcon formulated and created managerial alignment of the future agile process vision for IT development and optimised the cross-functional process for IT development projects through a shared phase model. It resulted in an efficiency improvement of 15%, but it is expected to increase even more within 6-12 months after the conclusion of the project. In addition, Valcon helped create transparency and an end-to-end perspective by setting up a shared forum for managing, leading and supervising the cross-functional development process.


The project helped PFA Pension optimise their cross-functional IT development activities and created an efficiency improvement of 15%.

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