Navigating the UK banking market challenge ​


With the intent to enter the UK Banking market (following the acquisition of a customer base) our client needed to build an end-to-end banking capability from the ground up, enabling the support and back office services to be migrated away from the parent bank over a 42-month period.​​

The resultant programme needed to deliver not just an integrated suite of business processes (and an organisation to run them) but also a completely new end-to-end IT banking platform that would accept the customer data once it had been migrated from its parent.


Valcon was selected to provide the programme management capability to support the design, mobilisation and delivery of the programme, working as an integral part of the internal team.​​ As part of this, our team established a central Command & Control function, putting in place a PMO capability to support the management of the programme and facilitate the streamlined flow of management information.​ Our team also developed an industrial strength programme planning engine & capability to support the integrity and cohesiveness of the overall programme plan, linking to parent bank and third party key activities.


  • Achieved programme control within 3 months with executive collaboration.​
  • Improved decision making through enhanced information transparency.​
  • Ensured timely delivery with strengthened governance and discipline.​
  • Finalising transition service agreements penalty-free.​
  • Proactively monitoring critical dependencies with key stakeholders.

Case Studies