Mediaan needed a partner that could help them scale


Mediaan is the partner you need in the field of business transformation, tech innovation or data transformation.

Mediaan has been growing and this also means that their projects often scale, which leads to the staff on the project often scaling up and down. Mediaan’s challenge is that their scalability causes a big rotation in their IT staff. This does not only require different types of developers, but also flexibility for them.


Mediaan was in need of a partner that could help them with providing different types of developers and with the flexibility to scale up or down whenever needed.

Mediaan was introduced to Valcon through their network. Although they had worked with another nearshoring company previously, they felt a stronger connection with the Valcon team due to their commitment and attention to details.


As a result of the partnership, Mediaan can effortlessly scale their IT staff up or down as needed.

Since 2020, Mediaan has engaged Valcon’s resources for four projects. The collaboration with Valcon provides Mediaan with a competitive advantage, enabling them to undertake more projects with increased flexibility.

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