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MDM data governance solution at leading global accountancy


The client was experiencing significant issues with the quality of its prospect, client and supplier data and needed to implement a governance and enrichment solution that would address those issues.


We provided a solution (based on the Profisee MDM platform) that provides identity resolution, cleansing and enrichment services that are used by operational systems to verify and validate supplier, prospect and client data. The identity resolution element uses third-party sources such as D&B and companies house data to uniquely identify and codify an organisation.

The cleansing capability applies data quality rules to ensure the data collected is valid and to identify where an entry may be a duplicate. Where duplicates are identified, a survivorship process is applied to ensure the best quality data is retained. Once cleansed, the entries are enriched through 3rd parties sources to add company profile data such as revenue and auditor.

The solution also provides a comprehensive interactive stewardship process that allows manual review of data quality issues, matches and surviving values. The solution also feeds back duplicate information so that the operational systems can remove these duplicates.


The services significantly improve the quality of data held by operational systems and avoid wasted effort and reputational impact caused by duplicated entries. The prospect and client data can also be better segmented and where organisations play multiple roles such as supplier and client, potential conflicts can be identified.

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