Data cleanse solution at international waste management organisation


The client was embarking on a major data transformation programme and wanted to incorporate a data cleansing exercise as part of this programme to ensure the new systems contained high-quality data.


We provided a solution (based on the Profisee MDM platform) that ingested data from 7 operational systems. It then validated, verified and matched customer and site data to build consolidated views that were used to create a “golden record” from the available data. This record was then used to populate the new systems with the best version of the available data.

A 3rd party address verification service was used to verify and cleanse address data. A lightweight task management process was also implemented to allow data stewards to review and address any suspect matches or data quality issues.  We also developed a number of client-specific cleanse processes to correct data issues such as removing payee information from addresses.

The base solution was implemented in under 3 months, using an agile approach. We are currently working with the client to transition the capability to an ongoing cleansing service.


The quality of data stored in the new systems is much higher than the original source data. This has removed many of the ambiguities around client and site data due to duplicates and DQ issues and has also identified where operational systems may be missing customer or site records.

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