Maximising efficiency and savings in Northern Europe’s energy sector


The client is focused on procuring, producing, distributing, trading and selling energy and related products in Northern Europe. ​An efficiency programme identified high-level savings potential in the procurement and supply chain processes. ​The client needed a validated business plan and implementation roadmap to realise the identified potential. 


Through the implementation of standardised processes and best-practice maintenance procedures, Valcon helped the client realise the identified potential which resulted in double-digit millions of savings. ​Valcon optimised the inventory process in the form of clean-up and master data optimisation and supported the implementation of a new inventory policy. ​The new inventory policy resulted in double-digit EBIT effect during a five-year period. ​A spend management system was developed, identifying double-digit millions in potential procurement savings for future realisation. 


The project significantly benefited the power company, realising savings in the double-digit millions through the development of effective inventory policies and the implementation of standardised processes.

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