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We helped Magned develop a loyalty analytics ​environment in the cloud


Magneds offers tailored digital loyalty and savings solutions to clients in the retail, FMC-, and energy sectors through their in-house loyalty platform. Retailer clients that participate in the loyalty programmes on the platform generate a significant amount of data, which was decentralised and underused. Magneds and the retailers desired to learn from this information to standardise and improve their retail services and products.


As part of a data partnership, Magneds and Valcon built an analytics environment that provides retailers insight into the interactions with the loyalty platform and the behaviour of their end-users. User interaction events that are generated on the platform were combined with external data sources, transformed into a standardised format and securely stored in the cloud. Loyalty platform statistics (number of accounts, etc.), KPIs, and loyalty metrics (retention rates, etc.) are calculated and displayed in standardised dashboards that are accessible to the retailers.


Magneds now provides real-time monitoring of their loyalty and savings campaigns as a service to retailers. This serves as an internal and external communication tool to talk about the efficacy of loyalty campaigns. As a side-effect, Magneds’ internal data flow was brought to the surface and standardised over the various loyalty campaigns.

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