Aerial View Freight Transportation At Night

We helped a national railway company create a scalable low-code platform to host and build apps


The client needed a better service to employees and customers with an important role for new technologies. At the time, the client had a complex fragmented IT landscape built and maintained by multiple third parties resulting in high costs and slow progress as well as a high degree of shadow IT (SharePoint sites, excel, printed sheets of paper) resulting in a lack of a single source of truth. The challenge was to create a low-code platform to host and build apps, resulting in a faster delivery at lower costs, central data source and improved employee and customer service.


Valcon helped the client build a scalable Mendix platform and API integration platform that hosted an increasing number of integrated apps, including:

  • Managing and preventing safety incidents
  • Trip reservations
  • Managing and preventing safety incidents
  • Matching the supply and demand of trains up to 30 years in the future
  • Explanation of train delays
  • Scheduling train test drives
  • Managing train repairs

Case Studies