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Infrastructure and cloud, DevOps and security function at central government


The central office’s data services and analytics unit ran physical infrastructure and cloud services for a range of intensive data applications. The unit required migration of all residual services from physical infrastructure, to the public cloud making use of native cloud services wherever possible to reduce operational costs and complexity.


Valcon deployed a managed service for the unit, made up of experts in DevOps, SecOps, cloud infrastructure, service delivery and quality engineering to enable the migration of the physical data centre to the public cloud. As part of the continued migration our managed service mitigated the risk of loss of services to the central government and end users, whilst also maintaining security and continually to optimise the run costs of public cloud services.


The client has migrated the majority of its physical infrastructure components to public cloud gaining the benefits that come from cloud; reliability in service, flexibility of services, high availability and disaster recovery. This migration and continued support of the public cloud has additionally given them the availability to manage costs directly, control of service and scalability to continue to provide a government leading data analytics platform.

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