How we helped Doct have a tangible and functional platform prototype


Doct is a young telehealth start-up comprised of IT and medical professionals, driven by the desire to make medical services more accessible and cheaper for everyone, even those without insurance.

The lack of a well-developed platform was the central and most crucial issue of Doct. Without such a platform, Doct could not conduct its business in the right way.

Finding a company that can handle a major full-stack project with multiple roles is challenging. That is why Doct turned to Valcon. Our capable development team took on the whole project and agreed to provide them with the best possible solution relevant to their business needs.


The first step of the project included a design session with two designers to define the project’s scope and set the timetable. In the meantime, the development team was conducting research in which they explored integration possibilities with external systems and defined the general architecture of the future solution.

As a result, our dedicated team of 9 professionals is taking care of Doct’s solution. This team includes a Project Manager, Flutter developers, React/Angular developers, QA, DevOps roles, and UI/UX designers.

The project is planned to last approximately a year, during which Valcon will strive to make Doct a profitable company with a state-of-the-art platform.

Technologies used: React, Angular, .NET, AWS, Flutter.


One of the things that Doct was incredibly happy about was the efficiency Valcon showed during the project.

After only two months of working with us, Doct had a tangible and functional platform prototype.

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