How Valcon helped Snappet promote remote education


Snappet is a digital learning platform available to teachers and students across the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US. This government-approved app is used in over 2.000 schools in the Netherlands alone, proving its size and popularity. The app includes two platforms – one for students and one for teachers.

However, the European labor shortage, in combination with the global circumstances, had a negative impact on Snappet’s team.


The first step Valcon took when Snappet contacted them was to put one front-end developer on the project. But as time went on and client satisfaction grew, that team soon grew to five people, three of whom work on front-end and two full-stack developers.

Technologies Used:

  • React
  • Angular
  • .NET


The Valcon team was tasked with working on different avenues of the project but still had plenty of tasks that required lots of teamwork and cooperation, such as cleaning up the app legacy. Thanks to this, the Valcon team members easily fit in with Snappet’s crew, and both sides are very satisfied with the project.

Over the past year that Snappet and Valcon have been working together, everyone on the teams has enjoyed the project. Valcon’s developers report that it’s been great working in this industry and that their work has been both rewarding and challenging enough to improve their skills. When working with educational platforms, summers are usually a time for updates and upgrades, so we’re looking forward to new ideas and new projects!

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