Get E

How Valcon helped get E Keep up with their rapid growth


Get E is a Dutch B2B transportation company that works to connect taxi service providers with companies that need them. With their rapid growth and expansions to new industries, Get E felt the negative impact of the Dutch labor shortage and opted to partner with Valcon!

Before the partnership, Get E had a system that worked well with the existing load. However, as more and more clients and service providers began to aid their growth, the system seemed to be unable to handle everything, and the small number of developers Get E had at the time wasn’t enough.

Another issue they wanted to address is the further automation of their internal processes, integration with customer APIs, optimisation of the current system, and expanding their business with new services.


About a year ago, Valcon added one of their team members to Get E. Four more were added in the following three months – totaling three back-end and two front-end developers. They managed to optimise and automate certain processes – both internal and external – that alleviated the system’s load and ensured everything worked much smoother.


Thanks to the open and honest communication both sides have been nurturing since the very beginning of the project, everyone involved in the project is greatly satisfied and continues to strive for success. There are great plans ahead, and we look forward to supporting and growing along with our partners at Get E in the future!

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