How Valcon developers work as an extension of Bloxs’ team


Bloxs Software B.V. provides innovative all-in-one property management software for real estate investment and property management organisations.

Due to the nature of the rapidly evolving market, Bloxs wanted to expand its business. This meant that the number of customers using the system would grow as well, so the team had to adapt to the incoming changes.

Bloxs’ existing team needed some backup. That’s why they decided to get in touch with Valcon and expand their workforce with our experienced .NET developers, who would come in to accelerate and increase the existing team’s capabilities. 


The team of .NET specialists we provided for our partner consisted of three people, one of whom had experience in team leadership on top of technical skills. We provided them with a long-term engagement solution, and the Valcon team brings their expertise to the existing team with the aim of improving their work.


In the three months that we’ve been working together, our team has been working on:

  • Speeding up their CI/CD pipeline (and making it ten times faster), which resulted in much faster deliveries,
  • Conducting Scrum in their regular workflows.

After our people have proven to be a valuable extension to the Bloxs team, there’s no doubt that the partnership will flourish. There are no major roadblocks ahead, and even if there were, we know that we would overcome them thanks to the trust we’re building through regular, honest communication. We’re looking forward to a bright future together!

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