Helping a European airport ensure a safe and healthy workplace


The European airport acknowledged growing concerns regarding the presence of ultrafine particles (UFP) from aircraft and diesel engine emissions within its working environment. Various areas were identified to improve working conditions related to UFP for everyone on the airport’s premises. The airport initiated a programme aiming to drastically minimise employee exposure to UFP. The ambition of the programme is to uphold occupational health and safety, primarily addressing UFP’s effects, sources, emissions and employee exposure through a comprehensive strategy.


The programme comprises initiatives categorised into three core themes: gaining insight into the effects of UFP, reducing the sources of UFP and reducing the employees’ exposure to UFP. However, implementing these initiatives required extensive collaboration among numerous internal and external stakeholders, including handlers, contractors, airlines and research institutes. The complexity and breadth of stakeholder involvement demands meticulous management. The airport and the aviation sector have the ongoing responsibility of transparantly reporting progress to government entities, investors and the employees. To navigate these challenges and expedite the necessary enhancements, the airport sought structured execution and engaged Valcon for support.


Valcon’s expertise in portfolio management and execution proved instrumental in steering the programme towards success. The collaborative effort between the airport and Valcon resulted in a meticulously planned program and prioritised governance structure that addressed the diverse stakeholder landscape. The joint initiative successfully implemented prioritised actions, ensuring centralised coordination and effective change management. Continuous monitoring and adaptation through progress reports and active involvement in stakeholder meetings facilitates progress tracking. This partnership is streamlining operations, and continuing to build a safer and healthier work environment at the airport.

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