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For a pension provider, we have set up a future-proof pension platform and Center of Excellence to optimize customer processes


Given the transition to a new pension system, a pension provider required a future-proof platform  to optimise customer processes. Its three primary goals were: delivering high-quality service at lower costs (per participant), straight through processing, and an internal Center of Excellence for self-supported use of the new advanced platform.


Our multidisciplinary project team offered both technical and organizational support. We helped our client optimise its application landscape and platform positioning and provided hands-on development of optimised customer processes. As we included and trained our client’s developers and platform users throughout this transition, we also embedded the change in the organisation. 


Our client has a central future-proof employee platform for pension administration and handling customer processes. The degree of automation has improved massively. Finally, we set up a self-supporting Center of Excellence and trained our client’s employees to become certified developers.

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