Franx’ functional platform has been enriched to stay on top of the competitive market


Franx is a fintech company, a subsidiary of ABN AMRO, which offers a solution for secure foreign exchange (FX) conversions and both international and SEPA payments.

Franx already had a functional platform but had to evolve to stay on top of the competitive market and keep up with the fast-changing user experience features. Features regarding payments required a visual overhaul, and amendments had to be made to improve the overall experience of making payments as a user. New features had to be implemented regarding trading for Franx to be relevant against other competitors and functionality had to be added to existing features.

Franx did not have the developers in-house to realise these changes. The challenge for Franx was to enrich and improve the features of the existing codebase and implement and deliver new features with a new and modern front-end technology stack. The main challenge here was to find an IT partner able to realise this work for Franx.


Franx partnered up with Valcon to face this challenge together. Franx was working under a familiar framework of development, by having daily stand-ups and breaking the work into agile sprint goals. Communicating the requirements was done with product owners and business analysts of Franx, to bring their ideas and designs to life.

Valcon provided the necessary front-end workforce to build and deliver the necessary user experience that was required for the delivery of new and improved existing features to the secure Franx website for trading and payments.

Using a modern technology stack, a range of Vue.js components written in Typescript had to be implemented with a focus on extensibility and simplicity. Each of these components represented a new functionality to the front-end, which was connected to various services and integrations on the back-end. Familiarity with existing and outdated front-end that was used in production was obtained so that it could be improved and extended.


Due to good collaboration, the results were showing fast. New and improved features make sure Franx’s user base can now enjoy the newest features on the market in a highly user-friendly way. The expansion of the platform stimulates an increase in the size and satisfaction of its user base.

A lot of existing front-end features were amended, improved, and extended with functionality. New features were implemented related to trading, and some of the areas of the platform, like payments, were overhauled with the mentioned modern technology stack with the best available practices.

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