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Establishing a Know Your Customer (KYC) analysis function


Our client – a leading UK challenger bank – was under regulatory scrutiny to improve its anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and sanctions processes and procedures. In response it was undertaking a major financial crime improvement programme to increase the quality and volume of anti-financial crime controls across the bank. However, this created significant pressure on existing resources and personnel as they had to conduct business as usual (BAU) in addition to the anti-financial crime improvement programme.


Valcon was engaged, due to its deep expertise in anti-financial crime and experience in delivering anti financial crime programmes and functions. To ease the pressure on the bank’s team, Valcon was asked to put together a team of specialised individuals to act as our client’s BAU Know Your Customer (KYC) analyst team to handle high volumes of new cases and ease resourcing pressure.

Within a week, Valcon had mobilised a team of eight highly skilled analysts and one team leader to manage and oversee the day to day running of the KYC programme. The team members were quickly assimilated into the bank’s existing structure and were able to start processing the high volumes of KYC cases immediately.

Valcon handled all the recruitment, on-boarding and ongoing management of the analysts, giving and receiving feedback through a single source. Valcon’s fincrime analysis team helped to establish improved KYC processes and procedures, improving the efficiency of the operational running of the function.


No interruption to BAU: the mobilisation of a specialist team managed by Valcon allowed the bank to immediately process significant volumes of cases

Freed up key staff: due to the fact the anti-crime BAU was taken care of, key professionals within the bank were freed up to work on the anti-financial crime improvement programme.

Meeting regulatory deadlines: with a fully functioning analysis team in place, KYC processes were quickly established enabling the bank to meet regulatory deadlines.

Permanent and lasting solution: Valcon was able to set up a KYC analyst team that was quickly established as part of the bank’s fabric.

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