We helped a Dutch financial insitution design and implement an AI Lab to enable data-driven processes


Our client recognised the value of AI and data-driven working after several successful projects. The client wanted to internalise the knowledge and expertise in order to sustain and scale the benefits of AI. The growing demand for AI-driven processes in the organisation required short-term value whilst building long-lasting impact.


We designed and implemented the AI lab for our client, a multidisciplinary team that can ideate, execute and sustain AI use cases for the business units. We developed the vision, the key processes to collect and prioritise use cases and developed the talent required to execute and sustain the AI solutions.


The AI lab has become the key driver in the organisation in applying AI to improve business processes. To date, more than ten PoCs have been executed and four AI solutions have been productionised. The AI lab is now fully self-sufficient after hiring and training of talent by Valcon experts.

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