Woman reading data

We helped a Dutch bank design the data analytics centre for the CFO office


Where the finance pillar generally already is a fact-based organisation, our client recognised that they were not getting all the potential value out of their data. Too many decisions were not yet data-driven (enough) and more value lies in combining and analysing data from different sources.


We supported our client in designing a data analytics centre across all key dimensions. With a diverse stakeholder group, we defined the vision and uncovered the requirements in the people, process, tech and data dimensions. Key processes were set up to capture high impact use case ideas from the business and deliver value in the short term. A practical roadmap and implementation plan enabled our client to take control and build up the DAC.


The data analytics centre has been formed within the first six months after roadmap initiation, attracting talented data professionals from both inside and outside the organisation, delivering key use cases and supporting the journey from the chief financial office to the chief value office.

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