We helped a Dutch bank with an ESG reporting process and consolidated ESG figures, allowing it to comply with new ESG regulations on time


A Dutch bank had to comply with new ESG reporting regulations (EU Taxonomy, Pillar III), but had no suitable ESG reporting process and insufficient capacity to deliver additional reporting templates.


First, we studied the reporting requirements, developed a process flow, and addressed stakeholders. Secondly, we prepared consolidated annual ESG figures that comply with EU Taxonomy and Pillar III requirements. After finishing the reports, we scheduled stakeholder meetings to get a consensus on the figures. Ultimately, we evaluated the process with the bank and its relevant stakeholders, resulting in further improvement opportunities to increase efficiency.


The bank’s reporting team now has an ESG reporting process that fits its capacity, timelines, and new disclosure requirements. Our hands-on approach and cooperation with the bank and its stakeholders allowed us to promptly enclose the consolidated annual ESG figures. And now, Valcon is the partner preparing the bank for the strategic solution.

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