We supported a Dutch bank with the design of a SRE Target Operating Model, enabling increased availability levels of core banking services


A Dutch bank did not comply with the regulator’s requirements on availability levels of core banking services. The unavailability of services also resulted in reputational risk and increased internal costs (for example, frequent incident responses).


In close collaboration with the SRE expert community the main issues were  analyzed (as-is state). The solution direction  was developed in a series of workshops. Secondly, we developed a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) engagement model and a process model that covered all addressable causes of unavailability. To manage the internal change, we built and engaged a change network with executive sponsors and content experts and engaged with the CIO community to capture early feedback and prepare decision-making.


Our hands-on approach and engagement resulted in a high-level design for a Target Operating Model covering people, organization, governance, processes, and tools, allowing the bank to improve the reliability of its core services on a global, entity, and team level.

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