Dean One (now Gamma Communications) meets all regulations


Dean One (now Gamma Communications) is a fast-growing Dutch enterprise providing telecom and internet for the B2B market. 

As the company is growing, new solutions and offerings to their customers to keep the competitive position in the market need to be launched. This required the development team to grow with the right expertise in a short time.

The main challenge for Dean One was to realise this growth as the high-quality PHP resources needed to expand the development team, are very hard to find in the Netherlands. The challenge was to find the PHP resources and to develop new solutions to address new regulations and expand its offering to the customers.


Valcon provided Dean One with a development team consisting of PHP developers highly proficient in the Laravel framework. The team operated as a Scrum team, with a Product Owner from Dean One in the Netherlands and developers from Valcon in Croatia.

Valcon and Dean One conducted daily standups, sprint reviews, sprint demos, and retrospectives to ensure high quality and tailored solutions.

The Valcon PHP development team collaborated closely with the Product Owner, creating a solution to expand customer offerings while addressing new regulations. This solution involved porting phone numbers between different providers. The team developed multiple APIs consumed by various systems, enabling seamless migration of phone numbers from old providers to Dean One, the new provider.


As a result, Dean One now provides an enhanced service to its customers: the number porting solution was successfully developed and seamlessly integrated into Dean One’s system. The solution meets all necessary regulations, enabling Dean One to sustain growth and maintain its competitive position in the market. Users can easily migrate their phone numbers to Dean One, contributing to the company’s continued expansion.

Furthermore, many of Valcon’s technical best practices and advice have been adopted by Dean One, integrated into their operational processes. This has resulted in a more agile way of working, making it easier for Dean One to scale up and adjust processes according to user needs.

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