We helped a Nordic agricultural cooperative uncover critical customer insights to help boost sales in the Nordic market


The primary challenge for our client was to become more customer-focused by gathering, assimilating and utilising data to meet the customers’ specific requests for products and substitute products as well as to improve sales force efficiency by leveraging AI.


In collaboration with 2021.AI, Valcon developed a series of advanced AI models to innovate the client’s current sales strategy. With the project in production, sales representatives and key account managers within the organisation were given access to state-of-the-art AI predictions and customer recommendations via an app. This initiative ensured a smooth and fast transition from the client’s current use of BI to a sales force-wide implementation of AI across the Norwegian operation. Thus, the client had actively moved from a descriptive use of data to include predictive elements.


The project helped the client capture value and scale AI across the business and thereby optimising the Nordic agricultural cooperative’s sales and profits now and in the future.

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