Young woman at online shop. She is owner of small online shop. Receiving orders and packing boxes for delivery.

We created the digital strategy for the online fashion marketplace


The client is an online fashion marketplace that allows its users to sell, buy and swap second-hand clothing items and accessories. The client is active in 12 countries across Europe and has 20 million members. Valcon was contacted to prepare the client for further growth, as they need for organisation and technical architecture blueprint.


We helped the client create the role of interim director of data science to establish a brand new department and set up reporting lines, clear role descriptions and formalise the performance reviews. We managed the transition to a long-term machine learning organisation by delivering recommendation engines and prediction models and created the opportunity for data scientists to build and productionise ML applications, such as recommendation engines and prediction models, fast and with little help from engineering. The platform itself was developed with the brand-new ML engineering team.

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