Consistent change management at leading global airport


Year-on-year growth is running at 3% (pre-Covid) and will accelerate again following the completion of an additional runway. Service is at the core of its business, and is actively tracked as part of your license to operate. A strong desire to be more efficient in how projects are delivered into the business and their effectiveness for enacting change. At any time there are multiple projects running within the business, across many different vendors, and with different approaches to change management. With more than 76,000 people (direct and indirect) working across the airport estate, delivering successful change management is essential to successful operations.


Understanding the situation and complication, the task of Valcon was to outline:

  1. Our approach to drive a consistent change management process across the organisation and,
  2. Detail how we would develop an enduring change capability for the whole business, what would it look like, and where it would fit within the organisation.


A consistent approach to managing all projects.

  • We designed and implemented the new organisation design in co-creation with the client
  • Created an organisation design toolkit as a reference for future use
  • Coached leadership team to drive the change including a team development toolkit for onboarding their newly formed teams
  • Smooth transition and adopted new way of working throughout the relevant business units
  • Change Management Framework for the future

Case Studies