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We developed a competitor price and catalogue comparison tool for a player in the spare parts business


Within the spare parts business, there is increased competition from companies providing both A-label and white-label spare parts on an e-commerce platform. Like its competitors, our client has the ambition to develop its own e-commerce platform for spare parts. The key challenge is to understand the product and price offering of the competition to successfully launch its own e-commerce proposition and to optimise its pricing strategy over time.


We have delivered a solution that enables our clients to analyse and compare competitor catalogues with our clients’ catalogue by periodically scraping competitor web pages for products and product prices. The scraper is tailored for the different competitor websites in play and can be easily configured. Part of the solution lies in relating competitor products (both exact same products as B-label substitutes) to our clients’ own catalogue.


With our delivered solution, our client gets a continuous and clear insight into competitors’ product range pricing, enabling optimisation of its pricing strategy.

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