data science

We created, scaled and maintained a competitive intelligence solution for a heavy machinery player


Our client, a heavy machinery specialist, is active in several EU markets. Revenues are stable in current countries, and the client wishes to expand to other countries to grow revenue. Therefore, the clients’ management team asked Valcon to create a scraping solution that helps them to determine which focus countries and verticals are the most promising.


We built an extendable, and dynamic tool that helped to determine potential market sizes and competitor strengths: the market monitoring tool (MMT). The MMT collects online heavy machinery advertisements of ~40 heavy machinery platforms in 10 EU countries and writes (standardised) results back to the client’s database. If the client requests, Valcon maintained the core scraping engine and configuration files, whereas the client is responsible for hosting and scheduling the MMT in a containerised cloud environment.


The MMT output helped the client determine three focus markets and verticals, to which they are currently expanding.

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