Business women reviewing data in financial statement with coworker analyzing market data research for new business startup.

We created a serverless, scalable scraper for an online automotive player


Automotive classified players have a right to play since they bring together a supply (i.e. car sellers) and demand (car buyers). Car sellers pay for posting a car advertisement, and the typical performance metric in this industry is the number of net new listings per month. To remain a relevant player, our client asked us to develop a tool that tracks the clients’ performance compared to competitors.


We designed an easily extendable, serverless scraper that is able to scale to thousands of requests per second, without anyone (except the cloud service provider) having to manage complex infrastructure. Our scalable setup allows the current scope of competitors to be easily extended to other competitors, countries and industries. Our solution intercepts API requests and extracts valuable information from the servers’ responses, and results are visualised in a nifty dashboard.


Besides tracking high-level company and competitor performance, our solution provided the client with valuable insights into new dealers arising on competitor platforms, which serves as a lead generator model for the sales department.

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