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We supported the change of asset management at an international airport


An airport had taken the decision to carry out management and maintenance in a performance-based way, instead of an effort-based way. This new way of working resulted in new tasks and responsibilities and therefore required different roles, functions and competencies for the execution of the new contracts.


To gain insight into the meaning of performance-based working, an impact analysis was performed. Next, a change readiness assessment was performed to investigate the position of stakeholders and end-users on the commitment curve. This provided an insight into readiness for change amongst employees and timely adjustments could be made.


  • All employees are informed and involved in time with the transition to the new way of working, which ensures a smooth transition without much delay
  • Employees accept the transition to the new way of working
  • Employees know what is expected of them in the new way of working and are prepared to perform in their (new) role or function

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